Specialist Supported Living Provider

Supported Living Care Agency LRG

About Wisdom Support

Wisdom Support Services Ltd was founded in 2011 with the sole purpose of providing specialist supported living services and outreach services to adults and children   who may have;

  • learning disabilities
  • mental health issues,
  • an autistic spectrum disorder,
  • Aspergers Syndrome,
  • physical disabilities, and/or
  • emitted challenging behaviour.
  • Dementia 
  • Complex needs.

Domiciliary care agency

We are a domiciliary care agency registered with the Care and Quality Commission and specialise in providing 24 hour support including live in, waking night or sleep in services to clients in their own homes and also provides outreach services We cover London, Greater London and the South East London.

Maintaining and promotion of independence whilst working to support them within their own homes and the wider community. We support clients’ right to develop a socially inclusive life based on maximizing their right of choice and access to services that promote well-being.

The services we offer are inclusive by nature and can be gender and/or culturally specific. We support individuals in their own homes or family homes. Where individuals need to find their own home then we work primarily, but not exclusively, with our Housing Partner - Zetetick Housing.


Tel: 0208 242 6237
Mob: 07735 374344


Registered address:

472 Sidcup Road